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    ps2 freezes on asuran fists quest npc

    id like this problem fixed i did 2 hdd wipes still nothing i did 3 file checks nada if any 1 from SE sees this iam not alone others has the same problem fix the problrm dont ignore it or ppl might start sueing

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    We would like to apologize for the problems you are experiencing, and we can offer a few suggestions to try to assist you in resolving this problem.

    1. Check to make sure you have properly configured or turned off any of the following: Routers, Proxy Servers, NAT Servers, Internet Connection Sharing services.
    2. If you are using any kind of software/hardware Internet Sharing service/device the following ports need INCOMING access to your PC: TCP 1024 - 65535, UDP 53, and 50000 - 65535. Also, check to make sure that the ports mentioned are not blocked by your ISP for INCOMING access. Proper configuration of any of the above items mentioned should be done by following the instructions in the software/hardware manual or calling the manufacturer's technical support.
    3. If you are using a router, and have configured that router for port forwarding, temporarily bypass that router and connect directly to the modem.

    Please take note of the following:
    • Proxy servers, and satellite connections are not supported and do not work correctly with FINAL FANTASY XI.
    • Your router may require that you use a PC to configure your network settings. For more information about how to configure your network settings, please refer to the instruction manual that came with your router or contact the manufacturer directly.
    • If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) specifies a DNS server, you need to make sure to configure your settings to allow packets to pass through UDP Port 53 as well. For more information, please refer to the instruction manual for your router or the information provided by your ISP.