I still don't understand the need to nerd TH on jug pets, it infuriates the players more than it pleases them. And this so called TH via gears never materialize in the update AT ALL. If you are going to go with the nerf, you should come up with alternative solutions, or hold on until you can come up with one. Basically whenever pet jobs get something good and worthwhile, they "adjust" the crap out of it till it becomes undesirable. This is one company that never learn the golden rule, always create content that people WANT to do because it's FUN and ENJOYABLE. The other team did it perfectly, we got ToAU and Abyssea, then they reshuffle them to fix the "biggest failure" of 2010 that is FF14... so now we just have to bite the bullet and deal with a different team whose main goal is to "balance" the heck out of anything that is remotely fun - aka make sure every new content from now on is grindtastic fest with extremely low drop rate.