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    Returning ninja Subjobs? also gear question.

    What subjobs are needed now? I have dnc and war already to 49. Wondering what other jobs I am going to want. Thf for farming and not sure if I need/want anything else.

    Original post: I left right around the time synergy was first added. My Nin was 75 at the time. I knew exactly how to gear myself but it was rather easy to figure out what gear to get. Now there is a lot of new gear with a lot more stats then where seen before.

    So here is the question. Is the Iga set good? I am hoping no because I find that head piece to be the ugliest thing ever. Also I see everyone on my server using the stuff.... everyone. So I am hopeful that is a sign that it actually isn't as good as other options.
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    Define 'good'. ^^;

    Sure, all the Empyrean sets are good, even at +1.
    At +2 even better.

    But as always, if you want to get the few % more efficiency, you will likely be looking at something else for certain slots, at certain times.

    Do the look better?
    Well, some of them have feathers... if that tickles yer fancy, then good fer you!

    The Empyrean sets are basically very easy to get, and pretty much better than anything else before them (like the pearly Perle, audacious Aurore, teal'cis Teal sets), so that's why you see everyone in them.

    You may also be looking at a bit different sets for weapon skills depending on which you will be mainly using, Jin, Hi, Shun, or other. Though I guess all of them like Dexterity so they may not differ that much in the end, either...

    I never was one to worry about a percent or few difference myself, so if it's not noticeable, I wont probably bother.

    Just some thoughts~
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    Look at this as the base set you should be using for TP:

    If you use to do sky a lot and not salvage so you have haidate and not usukane, or if you're inside abyssea, or if adding 20 DEX will cap your dDEX, switch pants to byakkos haidate augmented with crit damage+4% and STP, and switch your shoes to AF3+2. Gear haste caps at 25% (requires 26% listed haste on gear to reach though) and either of these options are 26%.

    If you don't need the accuracy on AF3+2 body, like inside abyssea, or when doing random old content like limbus or einherjar or something, switch it for AF1 body, and work on getting AF1+1 body, since it will give you better damage output when accuracy is not required.

    Side note here: ALL other bodies tht enhance dual wield, are 3%, AF1 is 5%, AF1+1 is 5%. The only options you need are AF3+2 and AF1+1. AF2+2 is trash, Mextli is trash.

    If +10% damage taken is going to drasically hurt you, switch rancor collar for Agasaya's Collar or Nefarious Collar, depending on if you need 8 ACC or not. Rancor collar is +5% Crit rate, and +10% damage taken with capped tonberry hate BTW.

    For Katanas, you want a Kannagi to use inside abyssea, even a level 85 one will be better then anything else.

    If you can upgrade it to 99, use it forever as your main weapon. If not, merit the Katana WS, and try getting Kikoku.

    Either of these options are going to do about the same amount of damage outside abyssea. If both of those are outside your reach, which they shouldn't be, unless you're just super lazy, since you can solo Kannagi up to 85 inside a month if you just try for 2 hours a day, Kikoku can be done in a few months soloing dynamis too, make 2x Fire Magian Katana.

    Offhand, Inside abyssea always use Kamome offhand. It has +10% Crit damage applied to main and offhand attacks.

    Outside Ayssea you will want a fire magian (str/att)

    a thunder magian (dex/acc)

    and a wind magian katana (agl/evasion) to use as the situations call for them.

    Also since you just came back. The atmas inside abyssea you should be using as NIN are Razed Ruins, Gnarled Horn, and Apocalypse. Sub in Sanguine Scythe for Apoc if you have trouble getting it.

    And lastly, go here:
    For random ZOMG IM BACK AND DUNNO WTFS GOING ONS! questions and stuff.

    EDITEDIT: To answer your original question, AF3+2 head for NIN is effin amazing, 6% haste and 5% DW and 10 DEX, it will be really, really hard for SE to ever replace this for TP sets, unless you're getting marches.
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