So I'm on the test server this morning, decide to see if the voidwatch officers will give me anything new. The Test Server only Voidwatch NPC in the cities wouldn't give me anything from selecting "obtain all key items", but when I went to the regular Voidwatch officer and asked about "Request reward issuance", three new key items came up below the Periapt of Clarity. They were all in Japanese, and I was unable to read them due to the Kanji, but they ended in "no chikutto" and cost 330,000 cruor/each.

I tried clicking on the bottom one, and sure enough, it let me obtain it at cost to my cruor. It appears in the key items below all the others in the temporary section where the rest of Voidwatch's key items are kept, and has a description in Japanese.

I'm sure this is just a translation thing, but I haven't seen it often where the english side gets to see Japanese text. Figured I would bring this to attention, so someone can hopefully try translating for us.