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Thread: empy greatsword

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    It's a calm time here in FEB of 2014, and most of this post is irrelevant now. I'll add a few things since I have been a true never wavering DRK Since "Na Release". If you are true to your job you will collect all your end game items of relevance. In the case of this post it's RME's. As Drks, as alot of us are, "Including the band wagon DRK's" which most DRK's are; we would like to pretend we are all about DRK and have tested all there is so we in that case would be able to make all these points. For the most part, not to knock anyone on this post...... Picking and choosing what is better is what ever TBH. First off I'll say so much depends on the player, situation, support "Support meaning your party or alliance", and how your feeling in that instance. So why as the True DRK's we'd like to pretend to be and be so all knowing about and boastful, would we not build them all. If your passionnante of the Job wouldn't you try to make it the best it can be in all situation, and occasion. "Time" "Gil"- it may take forever in a day or cost omfg amounts of gil that takes forever to collect, but hey you gotta start somewhere. I started building my DRK RME collection "And yes taking all 5 to 119" back in 2004 slowly but surly. I for one would like to believe I'm one of the best on my server, but not the best as it leaves me room to grow. I'm currently at 119-APOC took 7 years 119-RAG took 1 years cause of Dynamis change TY SE, 90-Redemp which 95-99 and 99-119 stage is done which leaves me at 824/1500 HMP gosh darn you SE 1500 is to damm many for the end result, and 90-Calad which is well yah its 90. The Mythic is well on the way as a side project. As I could care less about the other jobs comment on this post i really only want to make a point, no DRK RME is better then the next if your not a band wagon drk they all are great depending on what your are doing and fun. For band wagon drks just build the Rag if you haven't already since all you care about is winning a parser against other jobs that will prob beat you anyways. As for DRKS that love being DRKS cause it's the best gd thing since sliced bread like me, make it a point to collect all them shits, they are all amazing. PS. I know this may not suit this post much and I only was responding to first post, peeps may get bent out of shape and that is fine. For the true DRKS out there be the best at what you have and what you get, your playing DRK cause you love it. Drop that ticket to the wagon train do what makes you excited to play. Thanks DRK's, all other jobs suck lol j/k sorry for typo's
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    I agree with you Ceuabara, and as a real DRK i'd like to mention that I still love to hate SAM and their "behave haughtily", forever

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