Hello my name is Sorceress and I am in need of a friendly social linkshell as I have recently returned to the game. Here is my story:

Once upon a time there was a friendly, outgoing and helpful Hume called Sorceress. She came from the world of Gilgamesh and had many friends and was part of some really great linkshells. She was helpful and spent a lot of time helping others where she could and levelled to 75 with whm and rdm whilst having lots of fun along the way!

One day she started a new job in the real life world and couldnt spend as much time in Vana'diel so unfortunately had to leave the world of FFXI which was really sad

Over a year later Sorceress returned to FFXI and was really excited! However everything had changed.... Gilgamesh was no more and Sorceress found herself in a new world - Carbuncle. She searched for her old friends but alas... they all seemed to have left! Her old linkshell was no more and Sorceress started to feel alone in what once was a place filled with friendly faces and lots to do! Not only that but there was so much new stuff going on - the level cap had changed so her level 75's now need more work and there is new stuff like abyssea that she has absolutely no idea about and things seem so different and... well... scary!

Sorceress needs to find friendly people again and meet new friends who can help her become strong again and understand the new stuff in the game. She has lots of help to give back in return and just wants to have fun along the way

The End

If you can help me with a great linkshell I will be very happy!



p.s. Hope you liked my story!