Conditions for limit break quests will be adjusted as follows:
  • Beyond Infinity
    • The effect of the Olde Rarab Tail item will be altered as follows:
      • Effect duration will be extended.
      • Your opponent will be inflicted with Terror during this time.
      • Your opponent will not use weapon skills immediately after the effect wears off.
*As of the March 9 test server update, only the content above has been implemented.
  • Atop the Highest Mountains
    • The ??? target will always be present.
  • Shattering Stars
  • The Beast Within
  • Breaking the Bonds of Fate
  • Achieving True Power
  • A Furious Finale
  • Survival of the Wisest
    • Testimony drop rates will be increased.
      *The enemies that drop testimonies will remain unchanged.
    • Each testimony will grant the player three attempts at the battlefield.
If you wish to discuss or submit feedback on this topic, please use the [dev1095] tag.