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    Returning player and some quesitons.

    This is a repost. Hoping I can get more answers here because this is kind of Dnc focused.

    My wife and I are returning and looking into playing as a duo like we always have. She is interested in Dnc and Thf.

    So I am looking at Dnc/thf or Thf/dnc for her most of the time... and I could honestly see her never wanting to play anything but thf and dnc if given the option. Will this work for leveling and doing missions and stuff like that providing he isn't tanking or isn't tanking much?

    I have always been a Nin or Pld. Taken Pld to 50 twice, Nin to 45 once and 75 once. I kind of want to get away from Nin just to save some gil but I am Ok with it. I am interested in Nin, Mnk, and Sam mostly. I would rank them as Mnk > Nin > Sam.

    So that being said can a Dnc/thf or thf/dnc duo with a Mnk and what sub for the mnk? I am assuming /dnc is the only option but I thought /nin or /war may be something I would use.

    How would a Nin duo with those two? Would I need to sub Dnc as well or stick with War for the extra damage? Same questions for Sam.

    Honestly I am willing to play most jobs because I like most of them. She really wants to play Dnc and thf isn't a must so /nin or whatever is an option but it seemed to me that if you are not getting hit /nin isn't adding much. So what options do we have for a Dnc/nin, Dnc/thf or Thf/dnc? Keeping in mind we will primarily be a duo, she likes to heal and I like to tank.

    EDIT: Drg, Drk and Bst are also of interest to me. I know bst is a great solo job but it just doesn't sound as fun at this point as the others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrth View Post
    The only benefit is Utsusemi, which isn't necessary in many old events. Here is the run-down of our subjobs:
    * /NIN - Utsusemi
    * /THF - Treasure Hunter II
    * /WAR - Berserk, Warcry, Aggressor, Double Attack (doesn't stack with Saber), Attack Bonus (lol)
    * /SAM - Store TP, Sekkanoki, Meditate

    * /NIN - Utsusemi is hard to beat for efficiency purposes while soloing. If it increases your efficiency enough to offset not having Treasure Hunter, this is the best sub.
    * /THF - If you're farming something and want Treasure Hunter. Perfectly acceptable for stuff like CoP Dynamis or Salvage.
    * /WAR - Our best hard-content DD sub. Attack is what we need. Attack is what WAR gives. For Voidwatch, this is what you should probably sub.
    * /SAM - If we ever become a support-class again, /SAM will be hard to beat. It also might rival /WAR as a damage option on very weak content.
    Other useful subjobs for duo not mentioned:

    /RDM - Actually a fairly decent duo subjob. Gives you both Shell II and Haste, and Refresh means she can keep maintain those buffs.
    /WHM - Similar to above except more ease to status removal with no MP recovery. Doable with idle refresh gear.