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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel_Hatcher View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Kalilla View Post
    They may not have to buy spells, but they do have to buy expensive armor and/or trials.
    So do WHM, that's not an excuse. You can get away with only have the average equipment, but the same is true of DD's. The best will have trial weapons and multiple gear sets.
    Yes... but it isn't a requirement. A poorly geared WHM can still do their job and get the job done just like a well geared WHM can (although not as well, but it still gets done). Gear is not a major factor of the job performance. Take away the WHM gear and weapons and they can still do the job, although not for as long as a geared WHM could. Take away the gear and weapons of melee, tanks, or even BLM's, and you have a problem fast.

    Gear helps, but it isn't needed as much compared to other jobs. That is my point, and yes it can be expensive but there are cheaper alternatives that anyone could substitute in as a temp solution and still complete the task given to them.
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