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    You need to actually be smart at WHM to effectivly use Cure 4, it's very MP effeicent if you put more -Enimity in it then other cures, it's used for when you don't have enough MP to warrent a Cure V but cure 3 will not be enough. Never once have i grabed hate using cure IV when i needed, unless the tank was just incredibly dumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleste View Post
    I don't see the need for WHM to get the job trait auto-refresh; hell, I can barely recall the last time I've ran out of mp. Inside and out of abyssea we've plenty of methods to deal with our mp supply, most of which have been covered (previous posters).

    We've more than enough methods to help recover mp passively (refresh and HMP gearsets), reduce consumption (conserve mp, AF3+2 pantaloons) and recover mp aggressively (Dagan, Mystic boon, Spirit taker and the other 2 lol-light WS's). We've even got devotion to help other people with their MP pools (I usually tag-team devotion with the other whitemage I'm assigned with) and that's before covering subjobs or other teammates abilities to help us out.

    So in summation, if you're running out of MP in any fight then something is seriously wrong.

    If you're inside of abyssea, get your 3 atma slots, and go hunt out minikin/ASA/stormbird/anyrefreshatmas. Minikin ALONE should be more than enough to keep your alliance standing. Add on 2 more 5/tic refresh atma's if you're really struggling.

    Outside of abyssea, you should be using a little common sense as there's no 20/tic ref. crutch to hold you up. You've got to plan ahead, know what you're going to do.... and be prepared. Bring your max mp set, a respectable HMP build, refresh gear, and your supplies...

    I start most fights around ~1,500 MP on Elv. (/sch), and it's pretty hard to burn through all that MP w/ a little common sense. If for some god forsaken reason I get low, then it's a case of 1 of 3 things:

    Are we fighting it wrong? Do the tactics need changed?
    Do I have time to rest and recover MP via Clear Mind V paired with a strong HMP set?
    Shall I take an 'ace' from up my sleeve? Vile elixers are pretty cheap these days. Hell if things are bleak.. bust out the regain feather, though remember to change to club first (for booooooon~)

    Honestly though, we've more than enough methods to keep up our MP, and the AF3+2 pants are quite possibly the best thing that has happened to WHM in a long time. The amount of efficiency gained just from a single piece of gear is astounding, and is well worth slaying Sobek or Tristitia over and over.

    If SE does decide that we're MP challenged then they should definitely add in more gear like the AF3 pantaloons (Converts X% of "Cure" amount to MP). The guy that made that gear deserves some sort of internet high-five...

    Though, back on topic if you really think a single 1/tic refresh job trait will make and break white-mage, then perhaps you should collect all the below gear, then have a re-think about how you play whitemage in general.


    Refresh gear (all 1/tic) : Owleyes, Augmented Wivre Hairpin, Moonshade Earring, Orison Bliaud (+2/tic), Serpentes Cuffs/Sabots (set, depending on day), Balrahn's Ring (Assaults permitting), Poison Tasters Cape (if you're feeling fancy) and an augmented Stearc Subligar.

    That's 9/tic, just in gear alone. Some of it might be considered a little fanciful, but it's worthwhile to idle in.

    HMP gear : Rsv. Capt. Mace, Legion Scutum, Clarus Stone, Mirror Tiara, Eidolon Pendant, Relaxing Earring, Antivenom Earring, Oracle's Robe, Oracle's Gloves, Dual Star Rings, Vita Cape, Austerity Belt, Nisse Slacks, Avocat Pigaches

    +50 HMP gear there, add in WHMs clear mind V trait for +77...80...83... Arguably, the hardest part is finding the time to get down and rest MP back.

    Max MP Gear : Gambeteinn, Legion Scutum, Hedgehog Bomb, Pixie Earring, Orison Locket, Gifted Earring, Graiai Earring, Pluviale, Weald Gages (RSE), Bifrost Ring, Serket Ring, Ebuillient Cape, Bellisama's Rope, Adapa's Slacks, Conduit Shoes.

    +873 MP; worthwhile for starting any fight in. Just remember to toggle out of it and into other gear appropriately. No point in wasting all that stored MP by accidently switching into your curing gear.


    And to think, didn't even touch on the amazing bonuses subjobs give (w/ Light arts, conserve mp traits, penury (<3) and sublimation... it's crazy)

    I'd love to comment on frontline WHM and how they have MP difficulties, but[sarcasm] I can't seem to recover more than 1,400 MP every 100% tp. [/sarcasm] With a K-club, it'd be even more crazy as is.


    TL;DR - We've plenty of ways to reduce comsumption and recover our MP pool. Auto-refresh isn't needed in the slightest, but I won't say no to an extra tic of refresh.

    Okay, after rereading the posts. I have came to a more appropriate decision.

    /declines WHMs of having a 'natural' Refresh. Aleste already made the point clear. WHMs shouldn't and does not need a Natural Form of Refresh.

    Inside of Abyssea, you have Atma of the Minikin Montrosity. And Atma of Allure. WHMs don't need Auto-Refresh within Abyssea.

    Outside of Abyssea, WHMs have insane amounts of MP. I know this is not much but still, I love my MP pool: 1.2k+ MP as Mithra, and I never once thought I needed a Natural Form of Refresh.

    If you need MP/HMP, I know this is irrelevant, but you have other options. You can still use food. And Aleste's gear clearly shows that WHMs can handle everything inside or outside of Abyssea. And plus, not to offend anyone, but if you are truly a good WHM, and know your job, you should be able to 'conserve' your MP and use it wisely. As to not really feel the need of a Natural Refresh.

    Thank you, Aleste for your in-depth information on how to conserve and gain MP.

    Thread Closed.
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