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    Anyone still need LB10?

    Anyone still need to do the last Limit Break?

    I just came back yesterday after being unable to play since September, and it seems I missed the initial rush to get this done. My LS has significantly shrunk in size during my absence, and /sea all shows very few people still in need of the fight.

    I was hoping to find a few people who still need it and organise a scheduled run sometime soon. Personally I'm free anytime from 4pm to midnight during the week (UK time), and all day (and night if required) at weekends.

    Let me know what times you are free and what jobs you have available if your interested, and I'll try and get somthing sorted.

    Also if possible it would be nice if you could have a tail ready in advance, I farmed one today, and I'll do a little farming tomorrow so I have materials at the ready for a spare tail if required.

    I'm gonna post this on a few forums, to try and get enough responses.

    EDIT: Joined a PUG last night and no longer need.
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