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    [dev1070]dragoon feedback

    thanks you all for the adjustments, they are nice indeed.

    I am just wanting one or two things on it now... store tp II on the drg main; not having to /samurai for a good 5 hit build. Or, being able to switch parts of the pet so that it does not depend completely on support jobs.

    so many things about the pet on dragoon depend on the support job. And the spirit link recast will be great for keeping the pet alive. But many times it gets one shot regardless. Phalanx and haste and protect/shell via spirit link are great for avoiding this with the steady wing, and this pet will be even more effective now that it can take so many status ailments off allies and cure for an even larger %.

    The pet part of update will not be that great for the drgs who aspire to really deal ws spam damage on /samurai with their hard earned 5 hit builds, but the jump timers are great news for this build anyway.

    About variations on a pet modes idea: for example, the offensive pet would switch to a hybrid mode, and get status ailments off of allies when you weapon skill, even if you could not cast magic for the extra cures.

    Thus as well, something such as a defensive pet could switch modes to a different defensive version, curing status effects when the master casts a spell instead of healing.
    There would in fact have to be a catch, so perhaps weaponskilling on this hybrid defense type would no longer cure ailments, only spell casts would trigger the removals.

    or, a semi offensive hybrid of a different type, on a /mage defense wyvern. lesser weakness finding version of breaths (much like a multi wyvern) whenever the master casted a spell ( at a reasonable rate), instead of being healed if he or she so chose.

    a multi wyvern when changed mode: no longer casts cures, it would pretty much just be the same as the /mage mode change, or something.

    a stun besides leg sweep would be nice, while having a decent 5 hit ws build. (add stun to angon! and make it land well even if the defense down does not)

    a pet ability that gave phalanx on the pet would be amazing, or a trait that "mitigates severe damage", so the pet is left with at least 1 hp. This allows for a spirit link to perhaps save it instead of frequent 1 shots on the pet.

    a pet ability that removed a status ailment, and/or unique conditions for stona, where the pet uses it shortly after you get petrafied if it is not itself petrafied.

    shorter timer on recast of pet? plzzzz. pup is 1 min. bst pets are much tougher than drg and survive much more easily.

    a quest for a different wyvern color and/or slightly modified appearance

    more accuracy on angon landing defense down in some way shape or form on monsters that take alliances to kill

    add cataclysm to dragoon ; ; . they have staff skill. Or, if drg had store tp 2, they could maintain their 5 hits and be able to /rdm for aoelan edge, or /war or /pld for aoeing with cataclysm.

    make strafe useful somehow. There really is not much reason to get it.
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