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    Sea Linkshell

    Hello! Me and a friend are looking for a linkshell that still l does Sea/Sky runs (preferably Sea). And if there aren't any then I would be possibly willing to start one if there are enough people interested.

    I see people selling the Virtues for 999,999,999gil all the time so it appears there are people that may be interested in actually doing the fights but maybe they just don't know anyone that is interested too?

    Anyway if you have a linkshell that already does Sea runs please let me know... We can usually be on anytime during the weekend and during the evening times during the week (EST).

    If you are also interested in joining a Sea linkshell then post here also because I may be able to start a linkshell with weekend runs if we can't find one that is currently active.

    Happy playing everyone!

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    I think the question if you plan on going after AV is, "What setup am I taking to kill that?"

    After that, it would just be some tedious farm for the pop items with the people who will be allowed to lot, then you get the party setup from some friends and ls members to do the kill... if you are only interested in killing AV once.

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    I'm not so much worried about the party setup as I am about finding people that are still interested in farming the pop items and killing AV . At level 75 I'm sure it took a lot of strategy for an alliance to defeat him but at 99 I don't see it being as difficult as it was back then.

    All I am after is AV death and 1 fight is hopefully all I will need.

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