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I wanted to let you know that there have been some updates in regards to the information we posted last week.

We mentioned that only the critical hit bonus effect increase would be excluded from the adjustments; however, we are now planning to put off the increase to the rate of double attack effect as well.

We feel it would be preferable to receive feedback specifically on the adjustments made to Ukko’s Fury without adjusting job abilities due to the fact that you can get very close to a 50% double attack rate via job traits and equipment.

Due to this, the enhancement of both the critical hit bonus and double attack effect will be left out from the version update. However, we will make a final decision based on the feedback we receive from the test server update set to take place in the latter half of the week.

We apologize for the constant state of flux when it comes to all of the changes, but please understand that we’re going through testing and adjustments daily.

※For the additional information on the weapon skill adjustments please look here.
I'll trade you those two enhancements for that whole "Change Damage Type" JA you guys announce a while back...I was slightly exited about that and the possibilities it held. Hopefully the plans for that new ability wasn't scrapped.

Other than that, conclude the test on Ukko's Fury for now and jump on some wonderful ideas of how to create new ways for other jobs to deal nice damage and such por favor.