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    Quote Originally Posted by Raksha View Post
    As I recall he said that SCH just barely scraped up enough gear to hit the 320/120 tier, whereas his blm had something like ~340/~130 which he said would floor resists on everything except toau bosses.

    Not to mention his most impressive solo was one of the salvage bosses, and he did that as blm/sch.

    Either way it doesnt really matter, the past is the past. Spilt milk under the bridge and all.

    SCH today took a big suckerpunch since our mp efficiency doesnt matter any more. Even that doesnt matter though, since the only reason to bring nukes is for procs (and SE is giving SCHs procs away too).
    just to clarify a few points. There is no tiers, just macc. While it is true it is harder to reach on sch (at least back in the day) this was the only weak point to the job in terms of nuking. In any case where you have full out nuking sch can effectively get more nukes out and easily overtake a blm, unless the fight is <2-3 nukes. Additionally while sch get noticeably lower numbers on gods/hnm they could maintain the damage output without resting. It is wrong to say that any of that stuff would "fall flat on its face" as someone was saying. it never proved wrong in the few times things were not just melee zerged. Always at least matched if not outmatched blm.
    (just saying for clarification and in general for the thread)

    However you are entirely right. our biggest advantage has been tossed out the window with mp efficiency and lack of procs as i honestly don't know of any mob that requires magic dmg even for speeding up the fight...and as for the proc system..well i hate it all around so here is hoping that stops being a reason sch sucks lol
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