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Thread: Abyssea....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonlord View Post
    brd/thf. wish12 did specify it was a DD brd. So SA rudra's for after math then evisc. Tbh i've nvr even seen a DD brd so i really don't know if they could outdo a good emp sam or not, lol.
    a DD brd is a scary sight, if they're geared right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpankWustler View Post
    Nutcracker had trained for years to crush the crotch and/or obliterate the ovaries of each and every monster in Vana'diel. Not even some weird thing that fish have called a "cloaca" could stem his robotic rage towards reproductive bits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loir View Post
    Sam/war with ridil has access to vorpal blade.
    OHSNAP, my Ridill isn't just for procing anymore!

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