Details: I am a member of two linkshells. One I've been a member of for a little over a year (ShellA), the other I joined about a week ago (ShellB). Having recently discovered the linkshell community website, I decided to join the communities for both by shells, but for some reason only ShellB was being offered as an option. My pearl for ShellA was equipped at the time. After pulling my hair out over the issue and trying every logical solution I could think of, I decided to equip my pearl for ShellB instead and see if that worked. ...Miraculously, it did. I can only join linkshells on the community website when my pearl for that shell is in my mog sack.

Date & Time: Resolved at 2:00am Nov. 29 EST after about 3 hours of confusion
Operating System: Windows 7
Browser: Google Chrome