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    Fellow MNK's team up with me here.... [dev1042]

    BLU spell:

    Orcish Counterstance
    Increases the caster's chance of countering.

    Ok so seriously - wtf? First SAM gets counter with Seigan/Third Eye - which isn't so bad as I can see how they can have some kind of use for this. Yet, now BLU gets a counterstance that doesn't reduce their own defence? Wtf is this. Sorry SE but deeming MNK as "overpowered" compared to a lot of other jobs (which in a sense it actually isn't) - your giving BLU a spell that gives them the ability to tank almost as good as a MNK ?

    If anything - BLU has been overpowered and has taken the place of quite a few jobs (notably RDM) yet you keep feeding them more. BLU has the ability to enfeeb (even status effects that aren't possible by other jobs - ie Terror / plague etc), the ability to heal for a solid amount of HP (arguably as good as a RDM), and not to mention pretty solid DD, ability to stun lock, and lets not forget feather tickle / reaving wind.

    This should probably be on the BLU forums but the most recent announcement effects monks the most I believe. (Not to mention I will get a stupid amount of trolls on the BLU forums for this post).

    Add a reduced defence to this spell. That or make the chance of countering using this spell quite low.

    Guess we will see what it's like when it is released.
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