Dominion is very rewarding in terms of experience points. However, there are ways in which it can be improved.

One major drawback is that the the "ops" are much too short. An alliance of 18 players can destroy target enemies in a very short amount of time. This creates a repetitious routine of running back and forth again and again, taking players out of the action to have a chat with an NPC.

This disrupts battle, and takes key players out of the action. Pullers can't pull; healers are in a menu selecting the exact same op for the umpteeth time while compatriots are dying; stunners are confirming rewards while missing critical battle events, which can results in almost the entire ally dropping to the ground. Regimes are good for solo and small group play, but they don't work well for large groups, on top of unnecessary iteration.

An easy solution would be to create additional ops that require many, many more foes to slay, while given proportionaly larger experience point and item rewards.

Another solution would be to sign up a single time for participation in dominion ops, and then give a one time experience reward proportionate to the total number of foes slain. This would be the ideal solution, as it directly addresses the issue of talking to the NPC too often.

Forum contributes to Dominion adjustments are welcome.