The December 14 update to the production servers and clients included a couple of new items for the PC Client that can be configured in the FFXIConfig program having to do with Fonts. However, these new options do not appear to be in place in the FFXIConfig program for the Test Server Client.

Will the Test Server Client FFXIConfig program get these items soon? Can they be manually updated with RegEdit?

I have a setup that can display resolution at 1920x1080, but if I set the main resolution item to that value, the fonts are quite simply too small to read at the distance I sit from my HDTV that I use for display. The new options allow me to set the Font resolution to 1280x720 which makes the text big enough to read, while keeping the main resolution set at 1920x1080. There's also a text quality (compressed, uncompressed, and High Quality) option in there too.

I like the new options. I just hope it's an oversight to have not put it in the Test Server Client.