This is something that has bugged me for some time. First of all I don't feel like any ability should make u wait more than 20-30 mins mins to use. Secondly 2 hr's aren't in most cases worth a 2 hr timer. 1 of 2 things should happen.

All 2hr abilities should be on a 30 minute timer. Or 2hr abilities should be worth the wait! I've always hated the idea of 2hrs cause well some r way better than others the only 2 I can think of that r even close to being worthy r mnk and rdm. But even they r light. This is a once maybe twice a play session ability. Rdm should also have spell cost in half. Enfeebled should have twice the potency. Maybe even enhancing potency improved, mnk should get + 30 str vit and att maybe even bonus to counter and these r the good ones

Whm's should stoneskin and blink everyone it hits as well as re establishing protect n shell

Blm should get increased potency and perhaps -25% casting time on ele spells

Pld should last a minute and deal a spike DMg upon hits taken or after a hit taken deal crit DMg in return

Thf should get an auto sneak attack effect every 3 hits evaded even working face to face

I'm kinda ranting but honestly shouldn't an ability u have to wait 2 hours for be fuckin sweet? Too many pple r content with the bad aspects of this game. This is one of them. They could take away the 2 hr bonus on abyss chest or lower the rate at which that one is found to avoid abuse