With the latest info from the devs concerning the inability to continue on the elemental staff trials, I got to thinking: "Man, I don't care that I have to do these grindy Magian trials as long as they continue to be worth it."

Now we've all heard so many things about the lack of melee capability of RDMs. Honestly, I'm tired of beating that dead horse. However, this is not to say that we can't give the spells that we already have more functional use. Why don't we give Enspells some additional effect beyond simply adding elemental damage to one's physical attacks? In fact, what if Enspells also had the ability to increase one's affinity with that element based upon the caster's Enhancing Magic skill, similar to how equipping an elemental staff gives a character affinity with the matching element?

The idea that this comes from? FFXIII, where the Enspells not only added the element to the character's weapon, but also increased the damage you did with that element.

Best parts about this system:
- You can sub the initial tier 1 Enspells. Therefore, all mages could benefit from using these spells.
- A scholar sub becomes even more relevant for RDM, because through Accession you could give elemental affinity increases to other party members who have better things to do than sub RDM (likewise for a SCH/RDM).
- If Enspells also gave elemental affinity, it would actually make them better for melee use as well (should you care), since a character's affinity levels with an element also directly affects Enspell damage.
- Perhaps the most important aspect: it introduces to players who are, shall we say, not pro, and makes them consider that, perhaps, working towards affinity gear is something to strive for over, let's say, a magic accuracy sword?

(Perhaps I'm reaching too much with that last one.)

In any case, the idea is at least sound in itself because, let's face it, mages generally get the short end of the stick when it comes to upgrades to their own jobs, or even buffs that affect magic in general. Now then, how do we keep this ability superb in the hands of an RDM? Simple. There's a Tier 2 in the elemental Enspells available to RDM that can't be Accessioned. You can also add the Affinity factor to these spells, but at a dramatically increased base compared to the Tier 1 (again, scaled to Enhancing Magic skill), and the spells remain fairly balanced since only an RDM would enjoy the effects of the Enspell 2. Add in the effects of Composure and the RDM's empyrean armor, and an RDM suddenly becomes a little more relevant again in party play because it (finally) has a semi-unique buff that it can apply to other player characters.

In fact, you also could apply this idea to PLD's Enlight and DRK's Endark respectively. PLD just got a JA recently that dramatically increases damage with Divine magic, and is good for hate gain - how about Enlight adding just a little more to make things interesting? Additional dark affinity for a DRK to power up those Drains and Absorbs would also be a welcome addition.

Food for thought, devs. Mages need some love too.