I thnk there is a glitch with your website. Earlier today my forum signature was randomly edited to miss a section. It can't have been a moderator changing it because it wasn't a specific section that was missing - the missing section ended in the middle of a [center] tag which makes no sense. I can only assume it's a glitch.
I later edited my signature back to fix the problem but have now found it completely reset. I think there must be a bug with your forum software as I see no reason for it to have been deleted by a moderator. Furthermore, had it been moderated I would have expected some form of notification as to both it's moderation and the reason for it's moderation yet I recieved none.

So either there is a glitch with your forum software and it's randomly resetting signatures, or there is a problem with your moderators' email system where it's not sending the notification emails or private messages out. Either way I felt it warranted a bug report topic.