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    At first they were

    Quote Originally Posted by Gildrein
    Red Mage

    * Vision
    Support specialists who excel at transforming their allies from mere mortals into demigods with their enhancements, while rendering once-formidable enemies impotent with enfeebling magic.

    We want to see red mages play a more vital role in HNM battles by making enfeebling magic more effective against high-level notorious monsters and their legendary levels of resistance as well as allowing them to better contribute to party member enhancement.

    * Example Adjustments
    o Adding abilities that reduce to zero the casting time or recast time for the next spell/ninjutsu/song.
    o New enfeebling magic spells.
    But then they

    Quote Originally Posted by Camate View Post
    I'm here, I'm here! Sorry it took a bit to get a response.

    We received word back from the development team in regards to your question about why Pining Nocturne will not stack with other magic spells.

    There have been a lot comments asking why it does not stack when Elegy and Slow, Carol and bar-spells, and Requiem and other DoT spells all stack. However, there are no set rules about what spells and song effects can and cannot be applied at the same time. Each spell and song is decided on a case-by-case basis along with their effects.

    For example, the reasoning behind being able to stack Elegy and Slow is that the monster will still be able to use their special abilities so it’s forgivable.

    On the other hand, with Nocturne and Addle, since the enemies casting time could be drastically increased, it would become possible to greatly exploit magic-focused enemies in battle.

    While it’s fine to have somewhat of an advantage, however, while someone is casting it is not possible to perform any other actions, so prolonging this state is equivalent to making the enemy completely powerless which is why we decided to make the rule that the two spells cannot be stacked.
    So you decided that red mages were suppose to make monsters impotent, but then you decided that you didn't want monsters to be impotent, so can you update the job manifesto to lolrdm?

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    Tiamat resists nocturne now.

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