The upcoming version update will see the stack size adjusted for certain items.
  • Changed from 1 to 12
    Fire Cluster
    Ice Cluster
    Wind Cluster
    Earth Cluster
    Lightning Cluster
    Water Cluster
    Light Cluster
    Dark Cluster
  • Changed from 12 to 99
    Coin of Birth
    Coin of Advancement
    Coin of Glory
    Coin of Decay
    Coin of Ruin
    Slice of Bluetail
    Peeled Crayfish
    Slice of Carp
    Sardine Ball
    Crayfish Ball
    Insect Ball
    Trout Ball
    Lufaise Fly
    Sliced Sardine
    Sliced Cod
    Peeled Lobster
    Little Worm
    Drill Calamary
    Dwarf Pugil
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