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    Returning player looking for ls!

    Hey! I'm a returning german Player who started back in 2004, abysea Kind of destroyed the game for me because i've always loved the unequipeness of this game with all his longvity and awesome economy and even if the game isnt nearly as good as it was used to be i still decided to come back to spend some free time here!

    Seriously most mmorpgs These days are just no fun! beside this one of course!
    I'm looking for a social ls to Chat a Little with People, one doing Events as oldschool lv Partys would be cool too but no requirement! im not really that intrested in endgame Events because im looking for a experience u dont have in todays mmorpgs,

    i just Play for fun and if someone readys this who understands me he can contact me in game or on forums Name is: Bethtyl

    PS: i dont exspect an answer or fast answer at last since These Forums are quite dead but i wanted to give it a try and will try to check time to time (:
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