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Thread: PLDs provoke

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    PLDs provoke

    PLDs have no effective way of obtaining or maintaining hate. The only options they have is to use flash which has a very long timer and isnt very effective or to cure them selfs for enimity which uses vast amounts of MP.
    As it is PLD is only able to do its job by using the abilities from sub jobs with out a sub job PLD cant gain enough hate to tank, to the best of my knolage PLD is the only job that can not perfom its primary role with its native abilities/spells.
    PLDs need an efective way of gaining enimity quickly and maintaining it that doesnt mean having to use certian sub jobs or using vast amounts of armor swaps for enimity, damage reduction, shield skill, haste/damage ect.
    In short PLD needs its own version of provoke

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    Emnity needs to be redone (hate should be tiered depending on the kind of actions building emnity, damage being lowest) and pld along with it, Paladin (and nin) should get a slew of new abilities to build hate. Not just another voke but loads of ja/spells and party protecting stuff that can be used as the situation requires.

    Tanks should really be what people want when fighting mobs, a powerful role in a group and something difficult to do without. Sad how far down the scales the emnity system has driven the games tank system.