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    Quote Originally Posted by Asymptotic View Post
    You actually argue perfectly for why Ternary will be completely useless, unless, like I have said before, it comes with a significant hidden bonus. If it is capable of forcing crits, then it won't be completely useless, and depending on the rate, could rival climactic in situations where you weren't going to chain two rudra's back to back.

    However, Striking did not force a crit on its own (Only with af3+2 body), so this ability seems unlikely to be included for Ternary. Hence, it won't see any use from good players whatsoever, and SE wasted their development time.
    I'm pretty much done here, this is why I don't like to post. Like I said in my previous reply I don't dismiss the flourishes until I test them myself because "we have no idea what se is going to do" it might get an update like climatic it might not point is we don't know what it is going to do so I don't judge, and that being said does not make me a bad dancer. I guess I'm just different and not negative about everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiyo View Post
    Very unreliable kurayami and less damage makes ninja a better tank for seals. No TH makes THF a better tank for seals, they can also sub NIN too. No reason to ever use a DNC over another job inside abyssea.

    Dancer is a lot more viable outside though!
    One day out of the week for Kura, surely you can go on the other days? If you're bringing THF into this, then they would have the same issue with Kura. Not to mention you can't always get a THF.

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