The very life and death of our job is at hand. No matter how many times its been mentioned, it needs to be once more, and kept in the spot light and top of our request priorities!

Beastmasters need up coming content to involve the acutal job itself, which is the ability to charm monsters. So lets remind SE again, and how many ever times it takes that beastmasters need new high level pets, not just pets but pets IN areas which there is a use for them, AND said use to actually be not worthless meaning we want to use charmed pets in most if not all the new content to come, and for things like voidwatch.

No matter how it is spun, twisted and turned, warped or altered, half decent jug pets are not a solid viable alternative or replacement for charmed pets and is nothing more than it has always been, a expensive, usualy quick to die, weak emergency replacment for a charmed pet.

If the beastmaster community's requests are not met on this issue, the "real" joy of playing the job itself will be lost forever.

Now is the time for bst's to band together full force on this issue when it counts the most, because now is the time window of posibility for the future of bst to be made right.