Hi everyone!

Due to a handful of our members getting new work, school, and other real life limitations, we have decided to actively recruit new members into our shell.

Here's a little information about Melody:

-Our shell has been around exactly 3 years, spawning from the shell Yamato, which was around on seraph since a long time ago.
-Our shell is active primarily in the EST times, especially in the evening (ie, 4-5PM - 11-12PM). I myself am a Geneticist at UNL and don't get done with my work until around then, usually.
-We have a pink pearl and we're proud of it!

That being said, let me get into just what our shell does. We like to do what people want and demand - and we typically tend to focus on Endgame. (Though, in todays times, what IS endgame anymore -_-). We do a lot of Abyssea, a lot of KSNM99 for black belts as well as attempts at various King things. We do the occasional Limbus, Sky and Sea run. We also like to derp around in the new dynamis, and, specifically in the future, we plan to hunt the stronger NMs if there is any gear worth the effort.

When the level increases, we hope the new content will add new breathe into the game and provide truly difficult boss fights for us to try and complete. We love a good challenge .

The major events and times we do them:
6PM EST Universal (Sky/Sea/KSNM99/...)
8PM EST Voidwatch
10PM EST Abyssea

(X-X) Empyrean Weapon Building
1 day out of the week (Depends on whos turn it is and what time works best for them), and For as long as we can. We've made a dozen weapons this way


We plan to add more events and more slots to do them, but the summer cut back drastically on peoples play time. Also, the content was getting stale for most people, so we tried to vary it up and not get burned out, especially before the level cap increase .

Who can Apply?

Anyone can. We are currently recruiting anyone and everyone who would like to join. Gear isn't a deciding factor, nor is previous experience. Come with an open mind and open heart and a willingness to become part of a family!


-All melody events are governed by a very strict but fair points system. This is to ensure no one can abuse the system or get favoritism. For more information, check the offical rules page to the website below.
-Melody requires you to use our pearl during event times. Social LS's are permitted and allowed during not event times only. We highly encourage you to full time the pearl if you wish, as we do several low man things together outside of these scheduled event times.
-Melody plans to add WoE, NeoDynamis, and any other "Endgame" content produced in the future and may add additional time slots during days there currently aren't any. These will be added via linkshell vote.


Thank you all for taking the time to read this post. You can find out more information, or ultimatly apply, at the following web address:


Or you can contact Kyokaku, Aerison, Zyn, Siggymund, or Genobreaker in game with any questions or comments you might have.

<(///.-)d Emo Kirby says have a nice day!