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I think in most situations, a well geared corsair is better off attempting to supplement the damage than attempting to make sure everyone has 2 XI rolls on.
This is the essential question. IS it really the case that the drop in damage generated from the COR will outweigh the gain to the party?
- What about if we get 3 XI rolls at a time instead of 2?
- What about being able able to mix more job-appropriate rolls on people (say, Chaos+Fighters on 2handers but Chaos+Rogue's on 1handers)?
- Doesn't it depend somewhat on the COR's DD potential? Wildfire or not? In Abyssea where you can use atma, or outside?

I wouldn't discount buff strength so easily. That's the same kind of assumption that might lead someone to pick 3x DDs over 2x DDs and a BRD at 75. I know CORs sometimes have a complex of wanting to prove themselves, that we CAN put out DD numbers. And maybe it IS the case that your DD outweighs more time spent rolling (which doesn't mean you have a drop to ZERO DD, just that you're buffing more and shooting/meleeing a bit less). But be careful not to get caught up in ego at the cost of overall benefit to your party just to prove you can do damage too, particularly considering you're probably being invited for buffs more than DD.

Again though, like I said in the original post... Wildfire and awesome DD gear/atma? May skew things more toward a DD focus. If you're in a situation with no atma on some new 95cap content, with 3 active rolls? May want to think seriously about focusing more on buffs.