I like a lot of the things that S/E is talking about doing in their next job(s) update. But looking over some of my favorite classes I do have some thoughts.

First off, Dancer. If their are going to get an ability to give out Regain to the party...way stop with just HP and TP? Lets get MP in on this! Lets add a move that converts TP into MP which the Dancer can give to him/herself or to another player. Yes I know they have Aspir Samba but who really uses that? It's just not all that useful unless you have a Red Mage, Dark Knight, or Blue Mage in your party. And then the mob has to have MP as well! This ability should also be low lvl (so my Blu can use it when subbing Dnc). It could even be like a flourish, converting the number of finishing moves you have into an amount of MP.

Now on to Pup. I have a fondness for this job (other then Blu of course). This was a class you made just for this game. But you haven't done much with it. You threw us a couple of new heads, a ton of attachments, and upgraded out H2H. And we were happy for a time. But we need new heads and frames! From 60~90 there are no new heads/frames to get. What I would like to see is some kind of Nin automation. One that works with just melee and magic. It would have blades on both hands, acting as if it had Duel-Wield. And be able to cast ninjutsu on itself as well as the mobs. This would turn it into a viable tank. I would also like to see (and I know I will get a lot of groans for this) a Brd and/or Cor automation. Something that can buff the party while staying in the background. This would be great for parties. We also need a way to turn off and on spells that the automations use. Yes, I like that my doll can use Cure V but do I really need it when I've only lost 300 HP? This would also help with the AI casting na spells before trying to heal you. This could work with the WSs as well. Simply take out having to have the maneuver up and make it so you can turn them off and on as you see fit. I hate that my doll uses Magic Morter all the time now when it hasn't even lost any HP to do any damage. Please S/E work more on this class that you made just for us.

Anyway, what do you all think? Would these things work or just break the game? Please be civil.