Harley and Valor are basically non-existant here are my thoughts on how we can change this:

Valoredge: I think this job should have a main and sub slot and be able to equip auto specific 2-hand weapons or a weapon and shield. It would allow VE to exploit weakness and have access to new WS to better compete with Sharpshot. Also, this frame needs to be able to cure itself aside from cannibal blade. This auto could just be made into a PLD type and be givin the ability to cure and equip swords, shields, polearms, Gswords and clubs. Since it doesn't do crazy damage like SS give it means to survive better and put out a lil more damage so it can keep hate.

Harley: This is where it all began! The first time you activated your auto you probably smiled to yourself. Once you hit lvl 10 you probably never saw him again lol ; ; Harley should be givin a purpose and that purpose should be the greatest of all. They should make it so you can quest/trial Harley like a magian weapon. There would be many branches BUT instead of receiving some kind or augmentation Harley would turn into a different auto and look different according to what it became. No one wants the same thing as people have different playstyles. This would allow everyone to get the new auto they want. Want a lil BRD DRK or SAM etc...auto? Pretty neat I think

Whether this is or isn't done PUP still needs more new attachments which in their own way could alleviate the need to do some of what I worte above. I just thought it would be neat to pick your next new frame/head based on how YOU like to play