This is not unrealistic. Everything is already there. It has been for years. years and years.

I think it's about time Summoner got Bahamut after how many years have passed since COP was released and finished. We are going to be level 99, Abyssea has changed the game, we got AF3 armor, and a new group of merits are coming. the game is and continues to change so much.

SE old reasons for not were problems of scaling him down. He has 2 model positions, one is flying in the air for cut-scenes and the other is of him floating above the ground like any normal avatar does for his bcnm fight. Bahamut's wings and tail are making him bigger than he is actually is so scaling him down to a certain degree until his wings and tail fit would make his body seem small. He would have to be a bit bigger than diabolos to look normal which dosn't go well in caves and small places. I would think the solution is that Bhamaut would only be used in open areas like chocobos are (also events) to avoid small places issues.

Bahamut already meets the prime fights requirements. He has his own whisper, he has his own avatar rewards. They need only add the option to turn in his whisper to obtain him instead of proceeding to his 2nd battle. Bahamut already has his own pacts reaching from level 1 to 90. Absolute Terror, Sweeping Flail, Touchdown, Trample, Horrible Roar, Impulsion, Megaflare, Gigaflare, and Teraflare as his astral flow. He is only missing an avatar's favor and what element he would be listed under. I think he's fire even if he does some aero stuff.