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    So, instead of giving us a crit WS.

    Here's a List:

    I'd like a real 2hr, not one thats only good with a club, which is a White Mage / Paladin weapon, a 2hr BRD on hand. Make Blood weapon work with TWO HANDED WEAPONS ONLY, AND ON A 5 - 10 MINUTE COOL DOWN.

    Its not like you let KC Souleater Zerging be worth a damn anyway, and the fact that a DRK is best when using a club is stupid, fix it please.

    Give me a real 2hr, I'd say surprise me but then you'd probably make one that makes me kill myself, here are some suggestions:

    For a short amount of time allow me to reflect a % of damage.

    For a short amount of time allow me to absorb all damage taken (drain absorb, fits).

    Allow me to Curse a target or do something with my hp, multiply it by 4 and throw it at something, who knows.

    If you're going to give us magic, please consider the following:

    Can absorb-spells not decay? Seriously.

    And we have 2010 absorb-TP, some darkness based debuffs i.e- Plauge.

    Can you either give us Tier IV nukes or please explain why our skill is higher than Red Mage who has Tier IV and we only have Tier III.

    And if you don't plan on doing this at least be kind enough to invert our elemental and enfeebling caps, or something.

    Martial Fixes -

    Why don't we have A+ great sword again?

    Alright, what the hell is up with the shields, either give us rank B shield skill or stop producing them, please refer to charging shield.

    Tactical Parry, what the hell - I hope I'm getting a job ability that lets me parry the next 10 attacks.

    So if thats not it you need to make this Rank E parrying skill at least rank B, right now.

    Make Last Resort a Stance please.

    PS -
    I'd like my Bio III now, its long over-due.
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    I agree with you, DRK needs a useful 2h, e.g. you are able to take more damage than your HP, means if you have 100HP left and take 300 damage you're at -200; up to -maxhp for 3 minutes; when the effect wears off your current -HP become +HP; this way you get HP: the more damage you take, the more -HP you have, the more HP you have when the effect wears off.
    or at least make blood weapon work with WS.

    A+ great sword skill (yes, please.)

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    It makes no sense. If you want us to cast more spells, why nerf Absorb TP?

    I don't understand what was planned for DRK at all.