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    Like button stopped working in MSIE8, had to close and flush cache to get it working

    not so much a website bug, but probably something with the brower or Windows in general. Just thought I'd post it here in case some other people run into it...hopefully they will see this and won't have to post a bug report.

    Was posting "Likes" yesterday and this morning from the laptop just fine. Woke up the laptop from hibernation and went to like some more posts this evening and it was redirecting me to the top level of the forums. I was still able to create new posts just fine, as far as I could tell all other functions worked fine, just not like/unlike for some reason.

    1. Shutdown browser and all applictions so I was at desktop
    2. Right-click Internet Explorer shortcut and went to Properties, clicked the "Delete" button under Browsing History on the General tab.
    3. Made sure checkboxes were set to clearTemporary Internet files and click the "Delete" button.
    NOTE: I don't clear cookies, as I have another tool for that, and I check the boxes to preserve Favorites Website Data and to clear InPrivate Data--I don't put checks to clear Forms Data, Password, or History. Double check these options if their is stuff you may want to keep.
    4. Opened fresh browser and was able to like/unlike posts again.

    Date & Time: 06/21/11, @ 20:30 Eastern
    Location: US
    Operating System: Windows XP Pro, SP3
    Browser: MSIE 8, ver. 8.0.6001.18702

    NOTE: some may not have the old-style IE shortcut on the desktop to get to the IE properties and instead get the properties for a normal shortcut and not for IE. If this is the case, you will need to open IE and press <ALT>-T to cause a Tools menu to drop down. Then you can either press the letter O (for Internet Options) or scroll down that list and select "Internet Options" to get to the properties page.
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