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  1. Thinking of making a Linkshell for 360 users

    I been thinking about it since there doesn't seem to be one on Bahamut. The Linkshell would be for anyone who uses the 360 more then PC since I noticed that 360 users get more hate due to achievement...

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    Looking for a Ballista Linkshell

    I wanna join one to do some Ballista and hopefully get the achievement that is connected to doing it for the Xbox 360. If anyone knows one then send me a message in game since I'm only on when it's...

  3. I'd like to join. My name is Macdowell in game.

    I'd like to join. My name is Macdowell in game.

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    HeartOfZeal LinkShell Disbanded

    Due to lack of time and many other things. I had to disband the LS. I am sorry for everyone that wanted to join. Maybe when I have alot more time like I use to I will make a new LS.

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    Same here I need alot of help with getting my...

    Same here I need alot of help with getting my Scythe level capped to fight Maat. Plus I'm all alone. T_T

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    New Player in Bahamut

    Looking for friends and other people to play with. Started few weeks ago and been working out some things and test ran 2 characters and deleted them. Really like my character Macdowell and am a Black...

  7. Wanting to play the Xbox 360 version (Need Help)

    I brought the game on Steam a few weeks ago and been playing it on PC. But I wanna play on the 360. A friend of mine brought me the Xbox 360 version long ago just doesn't have Wing of the Goddess. If...

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