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  1. Can we have a BCNM that rewards Escutcheon crafting cards/spheres?

    Please, Escutcheon BCNM Reward: synthesis card, can I have it? Thank you very much.

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    Um.... No thanks?

    Everyone is excited about the notion of having all crafts 110. They're mostly excited about the amount of gil potential this has to offer, as is evident here

  3. Resist charm / Increase resistance to all status ailments BELT ITEM?

    Hello guys,

    I've adventured far and wide and have collected a resist charm equipment piece for every equipment slot on my paladin with the exception of waist, because no belts exist. Please make a...

  4. What's an adventuring fellow kappa

    What's an adventuring fellow kappa

  5. R/M/E Hallmark rewards?

    Why can't I buy Orthrus's Claws with Hallmarks?

  6. Running out of ideas for future Ambuscades? Try this

    A cool idea for an ambuscade set in the future could feature a new buff that increases Trust iLevel by 1. You could make it a stackable buff with some arbitrary cap of 5 or 10, and create an HQ set...

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    This gear is to serve as a placeholder until you...

    This gear is to serve as a placeholder until you receive an HQ piece. I suspect if a +2 piece were to be released, you'd also throw away the +1.

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    Level 119 Auto-Reraise equipment?

    I see everything else is becoming level 99 and level 119 but I'm still stuck in Twilight Set that I can't equip on THF.

    Plus wearing it reduces my iLv :(

    Please look into possible solutions.

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