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  1. I do agree when it comes to bots in general...

    I do agree when it comes to bots in general ruining what the whole idea of the game is supposed to be for. I mean,how fair is it to the people who actually wants to do things the right way but yet...

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    Idea/Suggestion 'Split Account'

    An idea that I had for a long time...To give us a choice to what i would call 'split account' giving us a one time choice to move 1+ chars from our main account of our choice to a second account of...

  3. Thread: HTTP Error 500

    by Kkya

    HTTP Error 500

    Just a little bit ago I went to upload a photo on the FFXIAH website but it didnt go through...It just popped up as having a 'HTTP Error 500" ...wasnt sure on where to go so SE would know about the...

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