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  1. Returning UK player looking for active friendly LS

    Hi all,

    I played back in the early days and left for pastures new (what a mistake!). I am now back after missing the game and have found myself a little lost with all the new content and have no...

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    I am quite lucky to not have had many complete...

    I am quite lucky to not have had many complete disconnects but i am RO'ing pretty regularly.

    What is a little concerning however is I am a returning player along with a lot of other players i am...

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    LF a LS to call home (2 UK New Players)

    Hello to anyone that stumbles upon this post.

    We're 2 new players that have come to the land of Vana'diel to adventure and have fun whilst progressing. We're looking for an active LS to call home...

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