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    Enspell Dmg Broke?

    After update im getting considerably less enspell dmg even with the new merits and relic legs equiped for rdm.
    a few points of dmg off wouldn't be such a big deal but when I was hitting for over 1k...

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    Weald harvesting bugged?

    Seems to be just like how morimars mining points were before they got fixed.

    I have been running around the zone for hours and have only found 1 today.
    yesterday I camped at one point for a few...

  3. what is happening with the lag on game and forums

    was doing salvage and 3/5 people were r0ing so much we had to call it
    then came to forums to post and itll load some pages and some it wont load
    this problem has happened a few times this week

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    Chocobo racing ..... Seriously

    Out of all the things that actually need to be fixed or added and the development team chooses to waste their time on this.....

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    Hero's T3 VNM KI from gold chests please.

    I see every day that people talk about this subject

    While I was farming the t2s last night to try and get a t3 pop it occurred to me why don't SE put the T3 abyssite in gold chests its a KI too...

  6. How many topics does it take to get a response...

    How many topics does it take to get a response from the dev team on this subject.....

    there has been atleast 10+ on this already and not one has ever gotten a response its kinda lame

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    Abyssea Vnms Please Fix!

    I know alot of topics have been post about this already but none of them ever get an answer. Why has every emp weapon item got an overhaul but the Colorless souls obtained from vnms.

    Just the...

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    Fix Obtaining Colorless Souls

    The way you have to obtain these is so stupid.
    it takes forever to get a T1 to upgrade to a T2 then when you finally have the T2 you cant claim it because everyone has the T2 pop and is spamming the...

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