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  1. Are you satisfied with Black Mage as it is currently?

    I've been a BLM since I started in FFXI, but I find myself playing the job less and less. It seems rare to see BLM being used outside of Abyseea and some older content. To be fair though I have done...

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    Kaladanda Testing

    Has anyone done any extensive testing with the Kaladanda yet? I've got one, it seems to perform better with tier 1 nukes, but the atinian staff seems to be better at higher tiers.
    It's a bit of a...

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    Sparks Gear Storage

    As someone who just hit 99 and bought a bunch of the sparks gear (Eminent, Espial, Wayfarer, Temachtiani, etc). I thought it would be great if we could get a moogle porter slip to store all of it....

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