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    Shadowdragon Prince Of Darkness (Enkindled)

    Hello, I'm not fond of SMN,NIN,WHM,SCH, WAR, I'm more of a malee ER, i like Dark Knight, Sammuria, RANGER, Beast Master, you need to make these jobs alot stronger, i have been playing since the JP...

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    Hello everyone, i am Shadowdragon Prince Of...

    Hello everyone, i am Shadowdragon Prince Of Darkness ( Enkindled ) from Quezlecoatle, you need to concentrate on Dark Knight and ungimp us, i am a Fan Favorite of this Job, you have Destroyed my Home...

  3. Quetzalcoatl Linkshell Names has no Alphabetical Order

    :( Hello to everyone, i'v notice in the past 2 months of playing FFXI in Quetzalcoatl that the Linkshell names are not in Alphabetical Oreder no more, i i'm a veteran player i been playing FFXI since...

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