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    NINJA - Tanking

    I would like to suggest a modification to the NINJA (NIN) job that would help improve its usefulness and therefore demand as a tank.

    Changing shadows so they are not instantly wiped by any/all...

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    SMN Carbuncle Glittering Ruby

    When I use Blood Pact:Ward, glittering ruby it gives Stats Down effect on everyone instead of stat boosts!

  3. Please Modify: Imperial I.D. Tag Renew Timer

    I'm currently considering doing a mythic weapon. A really limiting factor is the 24 hour renew rate for the tags. It's challenging to collect the alexandrite, and also all of the other necessary...

  4. I would really like to see the rate that Imperial...

    I would really like to see the rate that Imperial Army I.D. Tags renew reduced from 24 hours to something more reasonable.

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