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  1. Definitly not a bug

    Thanks Dzspdref, you were right. Markers are none in the area where the Goblin Geologist is, but appeared on other QSC area maps.

  2. Goblin Geologist doesn't mark the map with ???

    Platform: Windows 7 64bit
    ISP: Telecom Italia
    Type of Internet Connection: Fiber
    Internet Connection Speed: 100/20Mbps
    Date & Time: Apr. 9, 2018 23:51 GMT+1
    Frequency: Once
    Character Name:...

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    Wanted dial not appearing

    Wanted dial not appearing
    Same here.

    Platform: Windows 10 64bit
    ISP: Fastweb
    Type of Internet Connection: ADSL
    Internet Connection Speed: 20Mbps
    Date & Time: Mar. 21, 2017 02:58 GMT+1...

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