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    Thinking of transferring to Valefor

    I'm thinking of transferring to valefor for some friends but i don't wanna lose the ls i have in bahamut, are there any helpful populated LS's in valefor i can join? if there are just post it here...

  2. If you people are still playing i would love...

    If you people are still playing i would love because i just restarted on Bahamut and i need some people to play with

  3. Returning player starting over looking for an LS in Bahamut

    Looking for a friendly helpful LS in bahamut i have decided to return after years of being gone and i am starting over completely, if there are any LS's recruiting put your ign's here and ill contact...

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    Ill join your ls

    Ill join your ls ill send you a tell in game but if your not on then heres my ign:


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