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  1. Insufficient options at Melody Minstrel for "Uncertain Futures"

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: Verizon
    Type of Internet Connection: Ethernet
    Internet Connection Speed: 25 Mbps
    Date & Time: February 17, 2019
    Frequency: Always
    Character Name: Korvana
    Race: Mithra...

  2. Monsters load inappropriately during some cutscenes

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: Comcast
    Type of Internet Connection: Wi-Fi
    Internet Connection Speed: High-speed
    Date & Time: November 28, 2015
    Frequency: When steps are followed
    Character Name: Korvana...

  3. Came here to report the same bug.

    Came here to report the same bug.

  4. Planting "Great Root" in Garden Furrow can cause graphical error.

    Platform: PC
    ISP: Comcast
    Type of Internet Connection: High-speed
    Internet Connection Speed: 3 Mbps
    Date & Time: March 3, 2015, 21:00 EST
    Frequency: Every time
    Character Name: Korvana

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    Unusual Monster Rearing behavior

    On occasion, specific combinations of actions with reared monsters in the Mog Garden will cause the wrong monster to give a reaction.

    Player details:
    Baby Raptor had been fed many Cockatrice...

  6. Survival Guide in Pashhow Marshlands (S) inaccessible

    Please relocate the Survival Guide in Pashhow Marshlands (S), by the entrance to Beadeaux (S) at K-11. It is behind the gate which zones you into Beadeaux (S). Players cannot reach it.

  7. D'oh! That fixed it.

    D'oh! That fixed it.

  8. Job emotes do not work after recently completing emote trials.

    World: Asura
    Character: Korvana
    Race: Mithra

    On November 29th I completed all 20 of the Job Emote Trials at the green Magian Moogle. I have not yet been able to perform emotes using the commands...

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    Please call it "Geomancy Effect +10"...

    Please call it "Geomancy Effect +10" instead of "Geomancy Skill +10".

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