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03-13-2011, 09:16 PM
Details:everytime play ffxi for an extended period i get blue screen memory dumps that crash entire computer at random times and the longer i play the worse it gets. Can crash anywhere from 5 mintues of playing through 18 hours roughly before crashing

have always had issue on this computer since first built it since started playing ffxi again.have tried reinstalling game reinstalling windows itself updateing all drivers and bios disabling things and re-enabling things and nothing is working at all.can't expect gamers to dumb down their systems to be able to play something when things are always getting better expecially since specificly upgraded everything for FFXIV and that's not quite right yet still needs some work. and doesn't crash when play FFXIV for long periods only on ffxi. anything u all know to disable or something to prevent the blue screen crashes?

Date & Time:date started about February 5th i think region time is -5:00gmt i guess time is always will happen randomly can't do anything in game without crashing or worrying about crashing at anytime.

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PC Manufacturer & Model Number:homebuilt

Operating System:
windows 7 x64

Graphics Card:nvidia gtx 470


Type of Internet Connection:cable

03-14-2011, 08:06 PM
I had a similar problem for my laptop some time ago. While playing FFXI my computer would randomly Blue Screen or Crash, occasionally leading to configs being reverted back to default and or macros being messed up or whole lines worth of macros being deleted.

Problems i had wrong with the computer at the time were, a Faulty Battery "if unplugged would lead to PC losing power in under 10 mins", and Over heating.

I never fixed the battery, but I did buy a cooling system for the computer which seemed to stop the Over Heating/Stop the random Blue Screens and the Crashes. A month later I cleaned the inside of the PC, and it wasn't Over Heating anymore without the cooling system.

I'm not a computer expert so I can't really say that this will fix your computer at all, but may help you figure out what the problem may be.

03-14-2011, 09:53 PM
thanks for reply interested to see if others have fixes to try also maybe. cleaned it out a little but no that won't work still fairly new and checked not much dust at all and when play ffxiv temps on graphics get to about 80-90c depending grame is crazy on it and can run that without crashing for days on end which have done just does it on ffxi for some reason still tryin to figure out though for now can't do much else for a week or so just teak stuff til severs back and hope for best once are back.

03-15-2011, 07:22 AM
Try Googling "BlueScreenView". I had a similar problem, and the tool will give you the dump file name, crash time, and more importantly, what driver caused the crash. So if you updated the drivers, you more than likely have a hardware problem associated with that driver. For me it was my video card. After it was replaced, presto, no more blue screen. At the time, I used Ver. 1.29, but i think they are up to 1.30 now. Hope that helps.

03-15-2011, 07:24 AM
Can you give a more technical summary of the crash? What does the blue screen say? It may seem like gibberish but there are technical details when you get the blue screen.
I know you probably can't make it happen right now, but when you can again, you should write down everything that seems relevant.

I once figured out from a blue screen error that my Video Card wasn't completely pushed into it's slots and locked into place. Causing to work 90% of the time, until I started stressing it. The technical information from the blue screen pointed me into the right direction.

I also have seen a problem where a stick of ram hadn't 'locked' into place causing an occasional blue screen and I was able to figure that out. At first glance you couldn't tell, but after reading up on the information the blue screen gave I was able to fix my father-in-law's computer. (His was the RAM problem)

Most of the time you can figure out from what is said on the blue screen, what is causing it to happen since FFXI is the only thing that is causing this. I might be able to help you if you can get that information the blue screen is giving you. And if you have FFXIV installed, that game is a beast when it comes to computer resources, you maybe able to reproduce the blue screen from that game to since it commands so many resources to run.

My brother's I7, he has 12 Gigs of RAM can't run 14 to its full potential because of his video card..he needs a lot larger video card. So you maybe able to reproduce the error from 14 or another game that demands resources.

And...not sure bout Windows 7, and I've not had a blue screen since I upgraded to Vista and built my computer, but when you restart it, do you get a 'Your computer has recovered from a serious error' message? XP would usually give you that when you would get this blue screen and restart the computer.

IF you can get the technical information..usually by clicking 'show more details' that can help lead you to a resolution to your problem.

I will watch this post and reply accordingly.

Also, you should just for the sake of elimination. Take your computer apart. Take out your Video card and put it back in, make sure it clicks in all the way. Do the same to your RAM just to eliminate that possibility completely. And clean it all while you are there.

03-15-2011, 07:32 AM
You should also post your FULL computer specs. How much RAM, etc etc.

03-15-2011, 10:08 PM
k well any helps works so will try what ever can and like said in a post before u posted i think ya play ffxiv but never blue screened on me no matter how long played and well before i reinstalled windows anyway the blue screen was a windows registy file i think but has done for for afew others as well i had a program to tell me which files it was but lost that when reinstalled. will try the taking memory and graphics card out and putting back in and makin sure all fully locked.

computer specs are
windows 7 64bit service pack 1
8GB ram
nvidia gtx 470
500gb hard drive
amd phenom II 965 black edition
not sure what else 850W power supply and the rest of the basics cd-dvd drive and all

p.s. also working nights til friday still so will be replys from around 8am-noon roughly given the day could be bit shorter or longer time frame.

03-16-2011, 12:22 AM
I had blue screen randomly pop and after trying various things, the fault came from the power supply. The PC would shutdown everytime too much power was needed (playing FFXI or XIV). My guess is if you dualbox FFXI needs more power than XIV. If the crash only happens when playing my guess is it's heating problem or power problem.

03-16-2011, 12:54 AM
na plays ffxiv fine just not ffxi and no dont dual box and even if did is to random to be power sometimes will happen 5 minutes after log in and start playing other times up to 18 hours from last post might have been lose ram or graphics card doin it so not working as should fully since did just move when started happening but also just started playing ffxi again after moved too so not sure but anyway wil keep tryin suggestions can try until able to test it after servers back up since has never done it any other time wouldn't know any other way to test it to crash.

03-16-2011, 05:38 AM
could also be a driver issue causing a memory read fault...something in the message will say something along the lines of being unable to read from 0x12345678, faulting module pol.exe or something like that. FFXI and FFXIV are running some devices through different methods in WIN7/Vista (goes through the Alchemy layer first vs direct to the DirectX HAL in XP), and it thunks through the DX9 dlls and does not go directly through DX8 dlls either as they are typically not there by default.

Two things you could try:

Install the latest DX9 Runtime library--FULL INSTALL, not the web. If you go to the DirectX download page, the link at top is for the online installer--at the bottom of the page is a link in a section about an offline installer. This just copies everything in the library list without doing any precheck for which components are installed. This often fixes Vista/Win7 installations that don't fall back to DX8 gracefully.

Make a backup of your system first if you have a means, or at least make sure you have access to the installers of your current driver versions and then try to update those drivers--Video, Sound, Mouse, Network card, and if on a laptop your power management controller. Also...if on a laptop, disable the Infrared Controller if one is installed.

Otherwise, run Prime95 overnight to stress the CPU and RAM seperately (smallest sample size is CPU/cahce, mid-range pulls in RAM also, largest will hammer the hard drive too). Run it first on smallest, then next night to the middle size. If it tanks on small--your CPU config isn't optimal and you need to check it's cooling system and/or adjust the bus speed, multiplier (slower speed) or adjust the voltage paramaters (several things, better to follow the overclocking guide you used if you tweaked these yourself). If it fails on the second run, then the same goes for the RAM. Often times the automatic settings detected for RAM aren't quite right and they need to be tweaked a bit. For a more definitive test of the ram, you can make a bootable CD that runs memtest86 or soemthing to hammer the memory outside of windows to confirm it is stable. More often then not, RAM instability can often be overcome dropping the bus sped one notch, but you loose more efficiency than if you just notch a ram timing (latency and such that pops up when you disable SPD option in BIOS) one step slower (larger number=slower) or by increasing voltage one step (just be sure not to overvolt it--there will be a rating on the stickers on each card).


03-16-2011, 10:52 AM
Raist has pretty much hit it right on the head. That is where I was going with the technicals of the crash...if you could supply that information, me or somebody else could tell you immediately what is causing it.

DUST can cause this. If your CPU or Video Card isn't staying cool enough that can cause a blue screen. Not enough power...but like you said that shouldn't be the case since FFXI is the only one to install it. And FFXI compared to 14 is a sissy when it comes to using resources. Sometimes in between the fan and the heat dispersers dust can build up not allowing air flow.

But you should follow Raist's advice, run Prime95, see if you cannot duplicate the blue screen. If you can't duplicate it from a stress test, it could be just FFXI install. I do know the 'Vista Installer' SE provided to be able to install the original version of FFXI that had 4 discs just for Rise of the Zilart, POL and the original FFXI caused a critical error in the program itself. The original release, I couldn't use that on Vista, I had to purchase the vanadiel collection from STEAM for 10 or 15 bucks for it to work right.

I never got a blue screen from the problem, but POL would immediately crash as soon as I tried to open it. It could be the registry files written to the system folder....but that is kinda beyond my level of knowledge to know which one.

Really...as soon as the servers get back up, get the blue screen, write down what it says, post it, somebody can tell you FOR CERTAIN what is causing it.

But do what Raist and I have suggested, start with the easy stuff, take it apart make sure everything is snug and tight, unplug and replug wires to Video Card, pull memory sticks out spray any and all dust out, put it all back together and then start with updating drivers then move to the stress test. It could be a Direct X problem as stated above.

If anything, if you are using the old version of FFXI where you need the 'Playonline for Vista/7' file from SE, you could spend 10 bucks and buy the vanadiel collection from STEAM to rule that out completely. It comes with a fix built in. Then you will always have a digital copy of it to..download it anytime, any computer at the sake of a couple hours and then a couple hour update....only down side.

03-16-2011, 11:17 AM
My brain isn't working to full capacity tonight, tired.

I just noticed you said you identified the error before. A registry file. That could very well mean that it is the actual install of FFXI. One of the registry files.

But still...don't ignore the basics. Dust can build up severing connections. But probably not since it's FFXI that causes it. Plus if you've identified it at one point it being a registry error causing the blue screen that could very well be a direct link back to your Video Card. Either the driver, DX10 not reverting back correctly as stated by Raist, or something similar.

I'd almost suggest spending the 10 or 15 bucks on the Vanadiel collection of FFXI for STEAM...it will eliminate ALL the problems associated with installs on Vista and 7. I know Vista sees more problems than 7 users, but the game was designed for XP.

If you do go with this route, using the Collection from STEAM, you should uninstall it and use some type of program to make sure all registry files are gone. Orphaned registry files can cause problems when trying to reinstall back over top of them. Kinda like installing windows over windows without formatting.

My Mcafee Security Suite provided by ATT has a registry cleaner. You can also do it manually if you know what you are doing. But I wouldn't recommend it unless you know for sure what to delete because you could find yourself reinstalling windows if done wrong. Start menu, search regedit.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of your version of FFXI causing the problem since you haven't stated which one you have. STEAM has the best version I think, will work on any system without the 'playonline for Vista/7' file from SE. That's all because my version was out before Vista had ever seen the light of day. I have every expansion on disk, but the best thing I did when I built my newest computer was buying the digital copy. I was forced to tho. That's how I buy all my games now, digital copies through steam. Best way to go..if there are conflicting software to hardware issues it will get fixed through updates through steam.

Gamestop allows digital copies of games but with limited downloads/installs. Go with steam. Unless you are for 100% certain that your version isn't the problem. If all else fails, go this route.

03-16-2011, 08:25 PM
alright thanks for the reply's and such will see what i can do will download stress test and run that and will find the blue screen tool i had before so can show what said on here and will post again in next hour or so i think maybe bit longer and ya maybe the steam thing other wise cause am using the pol viewer from playonline site and the 4 expansions on disks.

edit to that i guess somhow my minidump maker got turned off so can't view what was for now but turned it on again so next time happends if does after making sure evertything inside is secure will post info if happends again if the tress test can amke it crash gonna find a gpu tester for graphics too since that doesn't seem to be getting hot much with prime95 just usin ram and cpu and so far about 20 minutes and good but will keep it goin.

03-17-2011, 09:15 PM
well ran that and no crashes didin't download anything for graphics card yet since didin't hear that kick in any so will get somethin for that and report back tomarrow.

03-25-2011, 10:28 PM
k here is everything i think relevent from new crash less then hour after started up ffxi damn it lol
bug check code:0x0000001e
caused by driver:ntoskrnl.exe
caused by adress:ntoskrnl.exe+80610 and i think that's about all relevent maybe help maybe or will have to take to a tech guy to fix but hoefully not.

03-26-2011, 06:18 AM
install this hotfix, i had exactly the same problem, and solved for me:


This is also caused by your display driver & not the graphics driver. The problem is that when you dump (or it should auto dump) is that the files are only getting partially dumped & pieces are left behind. This will cause errors. if this patch does not work the you have to go into the mini dump setting & change them (making a copy of the records before dump & post on here so I (we) can see what is locking up & causing the crash. ntoskrnl.exe is not the whole problem either a .dll or .dat is euchred & causing this problem.

Another option is to totaly remove & look for updated display driver & adapter driver (these are different then graphics driver's & are on microsoft's website most likely). I would also suggest to clean the registry before installing the new drivers & any left overs. There will be shared .dll's that will prompt you when uninstalling. You should remove them but since only the display is crashing it would be safe to assume it is none of these .dll's

Hope this helps & feel free to email me at stevenwsmith2003@yahoo.ca

03-26-2011, 06:35 AM
Oh a couple more things.

If the above does not help please upload your mini dump log ( really need it.) You can google how to locate & copy this easy.

but do you use an external HD? Do you use zonealarm?

With the mini dump log we can pin point the problem & will fix it in np time. ^^

03-26-2011, 07:19 AM
k did all that not sure if did right since nothing to install just unzipped it in c:/ so hopefully that's right cause can't find a file after that to install anything but will email u if crash again with the dump files ty for help

03-26-2011, 10:01 AM
K, hope it works for you though ^^ if not hit me up :-)

04-02-2011, 05:57 PM
I take it, the lack of response, it either worked...or his computer completely blew up. Lol